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James Connolly T-shirt

James Connolly T-shirt

$ 22.00

James Connolly memorial T-Shirt. James Connolly of of the 7 signers of the Irish Proclamation and one of the greatest Irish Patriots we have ever known. Our Irish phrases and images custom printed on 100% ring spun cotton t-shirts.

Gone But Not Forgotten
If you strike at, imprison, or kill us,
out of our prisons or graves we
will still evoke a spirit that will
thwart you, and perhaps, raise
a force that will destroy you!
We defy you! Do your worst!
James Connolly

Don't worry. Those of us
that signed the
proclamation will be
shot. But the rest of you
will be set free.
James Connolly

There can be no perfect Europe
in which Ireland is denied even
the least of its national rights.
James Connolly

The cause of labour is
the cause of Ireland,
the cause of Ireland is
the cause of labour.
James Connolly

Such a scheme.. the
betrayal of the national
democracy of Industrial
Ulster, would mean a
carnival of reaction both
North and South, would
set back the wheels of
progress, would destroy
the oncoming unity of
the Irish labour movement
and paralyse all advanced
movements while it lasted.
James Connolly