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Seán MacDermott T-shirt

Seán MacDermott T-shirt

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Seán Mac Diarmada also known as Seán MacDermott, was an Irish political activist and revolutionary leader. He was one of the seven leaders of the Easter Rising of 1916, which he helped to organize as a member of the Military Committee of the Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB) and was a signatory of the Proclamation of the Irish Republic. He was executed for his part in the Rising at the age of thirty-three. His image and quotes custom printed on 100% cotton T-Shirt.

I, Seán MacDiarmada, before paying
the penalty of death for my love of
Ireland, and abhorrence of her
slavery, desire to make known
to all my fellow-counrtymen
that I die, as I have lived,
earing to malice to any man,
and in perfect peace with
Almighty God. The principles
for which I give my life are
so sacred that I now walk
to my death in the most
calm and collected manner.
I meet death for Ireland’s
cause as I have worked for
the same cause all my life.
I feel happiness the like of which
I have never experienced. I die that
the Irish nation might live!
Seán Mac Diarmada

I sincerely hope that this letter will not
come as a surprise to any of you, and
above all none of you will worry over
what I have to say… I have been tried
by Courtmartial and sentenced to be
shot-to die the death of a soldier…
The cause for which I die has been
rebaptised during the past week by
the blood of as good men as ever
trod God’s earth and should I not
feel justly proud to be numbered
amongst them. Before God let me
again assure you of how proud and
happy I feel. It is not alone for myself
so much I feel happy but for the fact
that Ireland has produced such men.
Seán Mac Diarmada

The Irish patriotic spirit will die
forever unless a blood sacrifice
is made in the next few years.
Seán Mac Diarmada